How To Get Rid Of Muscle Pain? – 5 Best Ways To Stop Pain Without Harmful Medication

Are you looking for a way on how to get rid of muscle pain? You might be aching all over after a hard and tiring day at the office or after a big work out at the gym the previous day. A prolonged period away from the gym can make the muscles feel like tearing up and ache for days. Although it is natural to feel this way, sometimes the pain is too intense and more often than not, hampers in everyday activities.

Ways To Stop Pain Without Medication

There are various methods to get rid of muscle pain without medication. All of them are effective to a certain degree and depends a lot on the way it is done and the nature of the pain. Here are 5 simple answers to how to get rid of muscle pain, the medicine-free way:

1. Cold compression therapy:

Commonly referred to as ‘ice therapy’, it involves applying an ice pack to the affected area. The ice reduces inflammation and prevents the muscle from getting too damaged. The only drawback is that the ice pack should be applied immediately on the onset of soreness to achieve maximum results.

2. Stretching:

When a muscle fibre tears, it tends to contract and lead to more soreness. This can be counteracted by simple stretching for a few minutes.

3. Heat therapy:

Although ice therapy is preferred over heat therapy by most people, the main advantage of heat therapy is that it can be used in cases of extreme muscle pain.

There are many disadvantages though, like heat therapy can only be used after 24 hours of the initial pain, meanwhile the patient has to suffer for that time.

4. Muscle massage:

This is another solution to how to get rid of muscle pain, although it can only be done once the pain becomes a little bearable. Massage is primarily aimed at reducing inflammation and increasing blood circulation in affected areas.

However, it is very important to get a massage from a practiced professional because when done wrong, it can actually increase the pain and lead to complexities.

5. Exercise more

Now according to many trainers, the answer to how to get rid of muscle pain that arise after a hard workout lies in continuing exercises through the pain. Although it is effective, provided one can still workout through all that pain, there is still a risk of causing serious muscle injury in the long run.

A Proven Cure For Muscle Pain

The major reasons for not following medications to cure muscle pain are the side-effects and the fear of dependency on these drugs. But what if one was to get hold of a product that comes with no side-effects, no fear of dependency and could cure muscle pain in a jiffy?

With all due respect to the methods mentioned above, there are people who have tried it all and yet are left searching for a better cure on how to get rid of muscle pain. Because of a simple fact that ice-packs may not be available at the time of injury, or a person may have sensitive skin or gets a massage by an inexperienced masseur, thus increasing the pain.

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