How to Cure Anxiety – Stop Avoiding Your Feelings

What is an emotion and why should you feel them? An emotion is a natural response to a set of beliefs and ideas or events. Emotions are meant to be experienced, accepted and let go of. However anxiety is caused by misunderstanding how to manage emotions. Emotions are meant to let us know how we feel about something and after felt experience, a person would naturally review their feelings and change a behaviour, thus changing the emotion and letting it go. Emotions are meant to be felt in the moment and then released.

Anxiety is a mixture of emotions that have been distorted over a period of time: no-one experiences anxiety straight away, it is a build up of emotional mis-management that can be changed with a change in mindset and understanding.

Anxiety is a feeling that is uncomfortable, as many feelings are. We call it anxiety because it is a feeling of uncertainty of losing control and so people with vary levels of this feeling start to behave in ways to counter the feeling, to gain back a feeling of comfort and control. This behaviour is different for everyone but ranges from blotting the feeling out altogether with drugs/alcohol or distracting the mind by focusing on something else or sometimes compulsive behaviours. In all these cases the feeling of anxiety itself is trying to be managed.

So what causes this feeling in the first place? Anxiety is a distortion of normal feelings of stress and fear, feelings that are meant to alert us to the common everyday events in our lives. Unfortunately when these normal feelings are rejected or not accepted these feelings build up and distort themselves into anxiety and stress.

So how do you start to cure anxiety?

1. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and accept them
2. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and decide to let them go
3. Accept that the anxiety is a mixture of feelings that a based in a misunderstanding
4. Take time to relax and allow these feelings to unwind and you will release the anxiety
5. Learn to accept your emotions, to feel them and release them

There are many reason people have anxiety but they are based in fear and a feeling of losing control. With emotional education and learning to accept emotions anxiety can be released and never felt again in the same way.

If you are dealing with anxiety, chances are you are having instances of as well. Social anxiety is commonly a secondary type of another anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety is just as frustrating as the other forms of anxiety. Some people find themselves unable to work, drive, or even leave the house because their social anxiety is so great.

It is not unusual for someone who is dealing with anxiety or depression to become a little bit anti social. But if you are finding yourself missing work, canceling appointments, refusing to leave the house, or having physical anxiety attacks when you try to leave the house, then you may have social anxiety.

Understanding what you are deling with is the first step to finding relief.

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