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Valium for treatment of anxiety disorder
For anxiety, taking medication is vital to overcome it. For anxiety treatment two of the commonly used drugs available nowadays are Valium and Xanax and some relevant information are being discussed below.
For the medicine Diazepam this is a common brand name and has been utilized for several years to treat anxiety. Valium is also utilized for the treatment of nightmares, insomnia and muscle spasms. While treating anxiety attacks, depending on the nature of severity dosage are being fixed and administered to the patient. Similar to Xanax, the patient should be monitored carefully and at the time of finishing the therapy of drug the dosage should be lessened slowly for avoiding the withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes valium is misused by the heroin addicts since it increases the effect of opiate-like activities.

The above medicine is usually prescribed for panic disorder, anxiety disorder and the anxiety caused due to depression. A generic form termed alprozalam is there also. The recommended regular dosage of Xanax is four mg. It has to be ensured that patients do not become addicted with this drug. While reducing the dosage of Xanax it has to be done in a slow process otherwise the patient can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
When anyone is prescribed to take any one of the above drug for treating anxiety disorder, he or she should strictly keep in touch with the doctor regularly and seek advice of the doctor if any side effects occur. The American and Swiss researchers have observed that the drugs benzodiazepine, the Xanax and Valium function in the way by stimulating a neurotransmitter called GABA or gamma-aninobutyric acid, providing calming effect in the same manner like opiate-like activities. From an interesting study done very recently it has been found that majority of people having addictive attitude possess greater quantity of dopamine in their brain. Diazepam should not be utilized by women who are breast feeding because the drug might pass to the infant through breast milk. Finally valium can be utilized effectively if done with the advice of a physician; however, it should not be consumed for the purpose of addiction.

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